How to clean your dirty NARS compact.


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I don't know if anyone noticed, but NARS compacts pick up dirt and make up and other crap like insane and a wet towel seems to make it worse. I read on a Chinese beauty blog today that she took an eye/lip make up remover to it and it was shiny like new! So I of course immediately went at my Orgasm blush compact exterior with the pink eye make up remover by MAC, and it's all shiny and new and clean again! Woohoo!

Hopefully that'll help some of you ladies out there.


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Dampen half a microfiber cloth, wipe it down, and then polish it up with the dry side. Viola, clean compact!


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Originally Posted by frocher
Dampen half a microfiber cloth, wipe it down, and then polish it up with the dry side. Viola, clean compact!

It works for me, too.


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Wow, great tips girls!! I hate looking at those yucky dirty cases...I am going to use your ideas and clean those babies up!!


Originally Posted by MAC_Pixie04
Brush cleaner works well also.

Yeah I just spray some of my MAC brush cleaner on it and wipe it off with a paper towel, I clean the mirror with it too, then I spray some brush cleaner on a q-tip and clean around the pan. I do this is I swap a NARS item before I send it out.


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Soo true...I felt the compacts were impossible to clean and they picked up dirt super easy. I'll try out the lip/makeup cleaner idea!


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yep they gross me out too.. I tried to depot and wound up with some broken pieces.. but would rather have that than those cruddy cases


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Originally Posted by cleung341
Has anyone tried babywipes? I swear those work for everything.

Yesssss! I always use baby-wipes to clean NARS compacts and they work wonderfully!!!


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Hmmm I used a MAC wipe and it left it kinda sticky to the touch. I then used my makeup remover (Clinque Take Off The Day) and it was pretty much the same effect. It's def cleaner but like 'brand new'.


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I'll try the microfiber cloth. I tried some makeup remover and it just made the outside case a bit tacky (not quite sticky, just not right) to the touch

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I use wet wipes and they work really well. For hard to reach places, I use a pointy Q-tip dipped in water or toner.

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