How to create Barbie Loves M.A.C promo image?


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I love the makeup on the model (on the left). I love the green and pink! I want to recreate that look for my 21st birthday party (it's going to be a Willy Wonka/candy theme) and I thought the pink and green looked cute and fun and bright like candy!

Here's the picture I'm referring to:

Recs for specific shadows/blushes/lips? My skin tone is a lot closer to the model on the right but I like the model on the left's makeup a lot more!


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Here's a fantastic tutorial on the look on the left, done by Marlena of MakeupGeek:

Barbie Loves MAC Makeup Geek – Tips, Video Tutorials, Reviews, & More!

I did this look once and managed to dupe those colors just using a Coastal Scents 78 palette. Perhaps you could find dupes for some of the harder-to-find LE items... Marlena has suggested some NYX shadows:


* Clarins Instant Perfecting Touch
* Makeup Forever Concealer
* MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
* MAC Pleasantry Blush
* MAC Cream Color Base in “Luna”


* MAC Painterly Paintpot
* MAC Beautyburst Eyeshadow
* MAC Playful Eyeshadow
* MAC Whistle Eyeshadow
* MAC Springtime Skipper Eyeshadow
* MAC Humid Eyeshadow
* Coastal Scents Black Gel Liner
* Ardell Falsies “Babies”
* Ardell Falsies #104

*Optional Substitutes:

* NYX Jazzy Bronze
* NYX Cotton Candy
* NYX Luster
* NYX Platinum Pink


* MAC Beet Lipliner
* MAC Angel Lipstick
* MAC Bingo Plushglass

...I feel like doing this one myself again soon!


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Ohhh I love Marlena!

Silly question, but do you think the MUAs that do the models makeup use mac?


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I do! They are MAC promo images.

People bringing other brands of makeup onto the set are promptly shot!*

*I made that last part up.


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Yeah your probably right, i just wondered is all as I have heard some makeup companies use other brands when doing promo images.


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Originally Posted by xFlossy
Yeah your probably right, i just wondered is all as I have heard some makeup companies use other brands when doing promo images.

There used to be an album on MAC's Facebook page that showed behind-the-scenes pictures of the Colour Craft promo. In one of the pictures, a MAC artist was doing the design on the model's face...and in the background on a table was a Ben Nye palette. There were a bunch of comments from people who noticed, and then the album was completely removed.

I did a Google search, but I couldn't for the life of me find the actual picture. I did, however, find this Temptalia post.

When I first saw the Facebook drama over it, my jaw literally dropped...but, then again, I guess I should have known that there was no way that they achieved that look on her using the products that came out with Colour Craft. :-/

MAC used to be my OBSESSION...but they are starting to disappoint me time and time again. I hope they attempt to redeem themselves. I'm so sick of repromotes and back-to-back boring collections. And I'm sure a lot of you agree!!!


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Noooooooooooooo!! Thats cheeky!

Im with you on mac, I don't feel the need to rush out and buy all their products, I do like some of their eyeshadows and msfs but I would rather take my money elsewhere and buy a tonne more products for the same price as one mac eyeshadow.

Mac over here in Australia is terribly high, it blows my mind how aussie retailers think they can put a price on their products, which I why I always buy overseas :p

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