How to darken eyebrows w/o them looking fake


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I have to dye my hair dark brown for a show I am doing. My eyebrows were designed w/ a dark blonde/very light brown-haired person in mind. No matter what I do in trying to merge their color to my fakey hair color, they look too dark or "Look! Eyebrows!". I've been using a dark brown eyeliner
and, well, I have figured out I shouldn't. My eyebrows need to look natural! Help!


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eyeshadow will become your best friend my dear! And! if you get them too dark with the eyeshadow just take your face powder and lightly go over you eyebrows with it. HTH!

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I use a slanted sort of flimsy brush for my eyebrows. I use the wax first to shape them and dip my brush into the tiniest bit of eyeshadow and very lightly brush it on in short strokes. If you use too much, you can use a q-tip to fix it up.


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I've used lots of brow "stuff" from pencils, to loose powders to brow shaders and then a MAC store MUA took omega e/s to my brows and they haven't been the same since. It was perfect, not too light, not too dark, not too warm, not too cool. I'm an NC 25 with coppery red hair and it still works! Check it out


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i like MACs eyebrown pencils. I think the application is most important whether you're using a pencil or an eyeshadow.. just apply very lightly until you get your desired intensity.


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I use Mufe's eyebrow corrector. I find the gel consistency so easy and buildable. I can't deal with a pencil for some reason. Only thing is, you might not be able to find a proper color if you are not a brunette. In that case, I'd recommend the Anastasia brow powder duo. They color range is pretty solid and it keeps brows soft looking. Also, putting on a tiny bit of eyebrow gel can give you the look of actual hair and not like something you've drawn on.

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