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How to improve my eyes?


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Hi, so I took a few selfies today and I thought I looked quite good if it wasn't for my ******** gaze
I've struggles my whole life with eye circles/ looking tired, also I think my eyes are tilted downwards so I definitely don't have a cute cat eye look
How can I improve this about me without using heavy make up? On this picture I am only wearing some concealer and my eyes still look quite tired (I seem 13 yo but I'm 18 if anyone wonders)

Also sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this, please redirect me if it isn't
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Please don't refer to your gaze in those terms (especially not the r-word). 🙁

First off, do not use a concealer shade one shade lighter than your skintone to attempt to conceal your circles. It will just make them look worse. Use one that's the same as your skintone (or even one shade darker), and then if you want to use a lighter shade over the top, then go in with that. Another option would be to go in with a colour corrector in a shade the opposite of your circles to neutralize them before using concealer.

I think what may be more key for you is skincare. Look for eye serums with niacinamide or caffeine in them, as those ingredients can help with brightening the undereye area over time.

And for the eye shape... a winged eyeliner. It doesn't have to be a huge wing, just a little flick can go a long way. Also: don't line your entire lower lashline; keep it to the outer third or so.