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How To Make Foundation Primer

Sarah Afshar

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How To Make Foundation Primer
by Sarah Afshar

One of the most important beauty essentials in the makeup industry is definitely foundation primer. Foundation primer is a vital necessity and as a result, proves why it is one of the best makeup products in the world today. Foundation primer works as a protective shield for your skin, so when you apply it before your makeup, it not only prevents your skin from being exposed to certain chemical elements, it allows your makeup to last a long time, without fading or creasing. Today, I have decided to show you how to make your own foundation primer, right from the comfort of your own home.

The products you will need include:

-Mineral Oil
-Turmeric Root Extract
-Grapefruit Seed Extract
-Ceresin Wax

First and foremost, you want to get a large container or small bowl to add all of the ingredients together. You want to begin by adding the Dimethicone. The Dimethicone works as a silicone based sealer, which allows your foundation primer to come to life. If you have had problems with Dimethicone in the past (such as an allergic or chemical reaction, try to use Cyclomethicone, which is a better alternative that has less comedogenic compounds in it. Some high-end foundation primers tend to use both in their product.) I recently bought 32 oz of Dimethicone Silicone from eBay for about $29. You can find it just about anywhere. Today I am going to use about 2 oz. and simply add this to the large container or small bowl.

As soon as you have added your Dimethicone, you want to, then, add the Glycerin. The Glycerin works as a component to a heavy moisturizer. Although one may need to follow their own, individual cleanse, tone, and moisturizing regime, the glycerin is used to prevent your foundation primer from simply drying out. Glycerin is also clean, as it is an alcohol. It works for every skin type under the sun, including sensitive skin. I recently bought some phenomenal pure Glycerin from CVS pharmacy for only $4.99 and that is what I am going to use today to create my foundation primer. I am going to add about 2 oz. to the entire concoction.

Then you want to add the Silica. The Silica is used as the primary solidifier in foundation primer. It is beneficial in creating a base. Silica is created from minerals and applied to your skin without causing any gauche exasperations. This underrated ingredient is recognized by the FDA as being "safe" which means it is a fantastic product to use. To create this foundation primer, I am going to use Solgar's Silica Veggie Cap Pills. I am going to empty about 4 capsules into the large container and/or small bowl.

As soon as have added your Silica, you want to continue by adding the Mineral Oil. The Mineral Oil works as a contribution to a light moisturizer in the foundation primer. It is a great substitute and because the comedogenic levels are very low, mineral oil will not clog your pores or cause any awkward skin irritations. Any mineral oil will do. To create my foundation primer, I am going to use some that I had bought from CVS pharmacy and I am going to use about 1 oz to the mixture.

As you continue, you want to begin adding your Turmeric Root Extract. The Turmeric Root Extract is used as an anti-aging agent and antioxidant. Using this highly beneficial extract allows your skin to maintain it's youthfulness and also works towards getting rid of other problematic skin issues. This is really expensive if you purchase this by the ounce in a liquid form, however; the powder available in the capsules is notorious for working well. To make the foundation primer, I am going to use Solgar's Turmeric Veggie Cap Pills. I am going to add about 3capsules to the ingredients.

Once you have added the Turmeric Root Extract, you want to begin adding the Grapefruit Seed Extract. The Grapefruit Seed Extract works as an anti-bacterial agent, which prevents bacteria from getting into your product. It is what I refer to a natural cosmetic preservative. After you have created your foundation primer, you don't have to throw it out. By using seed extract, it allows your product to last. A very good, yet very affordable (which I am going to use to make this foundation primer, by the way) Grapefruit Seed Extract Proseed's Grapefruit Seed Liquid Concentrate which is available at stores such as Lucky Vitamin and Vita Digest. I am going to use about 4 drops into the entire foundation primer mixture.

Once you have added the Grapefruit Seed Extract, you want to add the Ceresin Wax. The Ceresin Wax works as a thickener to foundation primer, so when you apply it, you can expect to notice the change in texture. Although there are many waxes you can use to create your foundation primer, I have chosen Ceresin Wax because it has the lowest level of comedogenic compounds. Ceresin Wax is incredibly hard to find, however; you can find it. I recently bought some from Alibaba. Because it is real wax, you have to melt it. This is added last because of it's overall amalgam. Using a microwave or hairdryer, you want to melt about 1 oz. Once it is melted, you want to add it to the mixture.

Using a metal spoon, you want to mix the entire mixture together. You then, want to cover the mixture and let it set for about 5 minutes. Once it has set and 5 minutes have lapsed, you can apply it directly to your face. You don't need to use a lot, so you want to recover the remaining, unused foundation primer and put it in your bathroom drawer.

Most of the time foundation primers (especially those remarkable, high end primers) are at least $40 for just 1 oz. Now you can create your own foundation primer for a fraction of the price and still be ultimately satisfied, as a result. Good luck.


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So is it primer that makes people's skin look flawless? I always try to achieve that, at least to some degree, with foundation alone, but it never works. :(