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How to Recreate Runway and Editorial Makeup


This is the thread to post runway or editorial looks and recieve feedback on finding products to recreate that look.

I recently came across this beautiful summer look by Emanuel Ungaro S/S 07.08. I'm pretty sure the products are MAC, but I can't get the colors exactly correct. I am trying to duplicate the eye makeup and find the lipstick shade Stam is holding underneath. Thanks.

Full HQ Size:



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Looks like Woodwinked for a shadow, Smoothblue Technakhol Liner or Hyacinth Eye Khol liner for the upper lid, and a very light stroke of Blooz or Prussian Eye Khol Liner for the lower lashline and would do the trick for the eyes.
I can't give you a color for the cheeks as I don't spend a lot of time looking at shades I can't wear, but it looks matte in texture/finish

And for the lips, it looks like a Lustre, so perhaps Lady Bug or Eager?

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