How to "smooth" out your lips?


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I wouldn't say they're too chappy, but they do commonly have dead skin where the lips connect. It's not too noticeable from my understanding (but I could always be wrong.) because it's pretty far back. I believe the issue is because I chew and bite onto my lips a lot and it's not rare that they bleed because of it. I've been trying to reduce this but I still do it out of a nervous habit. Any suggestions on reducing this will be gladly appreciated!

But ignoring that issue, lipstick and lip gloss always looks... gross on me. I've tried a million techniques, put it on a million different ways and tried a million different lipsticks and lip glosses. The lipsticks (Which I'm going to be calling both normal lipsticks and lip glosses just for the sake of simplistically.) always look chappy. Besides the small dead skin I deal with within the back of my lips, I'm pretty unsure of why it looks so bad on me besides the creases of my lips. How would I "smooth" (for a lack of a better word) out my lips?


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Exfoliate them! Also: use a lip balm afterwards and let it sink in some before applying any lipstick or gloss.

Also x2: Some finishes of lipstick will emphasize texture more than others, and often they have a matte finish. (Mattes can also dry out your lips.) Avoid those.