how you told you s/o you were pregnant..


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So Im not an expecting mother, but I love the cute things women think of to tell their S/O they are pregnant..( like on full house
Becki gave jesse all baby back ribs lol)

so what did you do??


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I tried to be all cute about it, lol and it ended up being a disaster!

DH and I had just cut out the birth control but I was terrified that it was going to take ages for us to get pregnant. After the first month of no birth control I thought I would take a test on our anniversary even thought it was a tad early-I figured if I was I could be all cute and tell him on our anniversary date. So I took the test and I thought it was negative (the line was really faint and I took that to mean negative-yes, I should have read the directions!). Basically I got really sad and was just awful and depressed all day and even on our date I was in tears over the whole thing.

I ended up finding out a few weeks later that I actually was pregnant and I just came right out and told him immediately after taking the test-now our anniversary is approaching again and dh says I 'owe' him a good date this year after last year's debacle. Lol, I can't believe I did that!!

Another Janice!

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I took a really hot shower one night while he was sleeping. (He always takes his shower in the AM).

When I got out, the mirror was really steamed up. I took my finger and wrote "Wake up Daddy, I think I've got something to say to you". (For those that don't know, Rod Stewart has a song called Maggie May. There is a line that goes "Wake up Maggie, I think I've got something to say to you".)

Sooooooo, when he woke up in the morning and took a shower, the mirror was steamed up, but my words were there. lol. He had to wake me up and ask if that meant what he thought it did.

The second (big suprise) pregnancy, I just left the positive pregnancy test on the bathroom counter so he would see it when he went in there. lol.


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I took a test on the morning of Valentine's day and it was positive, but I went to my doctor just to confirm. At the doctor, the test was negative (too late in the afternoon to read the hormones or something) My doctor told me just to keep trying and I argued with him that I knew I was pregnant. I could tell. Well, the receptionist was bummed because she wanted me to be able to tell hubby on Valentine's day. I went home kind of sad, but when I walked in the door, there was a message from the receptionist squealing that the test was positive, and the line was just faint and hard to see. After that, I went to a free email card site and made up a "Happy Valentine's Daddy" card. Poor Mick opened his emails that evening and all the colour drained out of his face. He was thrilled, but scared. Anyhow, 35 weeks later and we had a somewhat healthy baby boy. He had to stay in an incubator for two days, but he was fine after that


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Took the test and left it on the Pc desk for him to look at when he got home from work. Needless to say he was confused when he seen the stick sitting there lol


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aww all of these make me want to cry
and make me want to have kids! I was reading parents magazine ( haha I've been readin it FOREVER!) and they had women sent in their stories..and my fave was the woman set an extra plate/cup out for dinner ( but baby plates & cups) ...i thought that was cute


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I've never had a kid but I think the way I would tell my man is to buy a pair of really cute baby shoes and set them on his pillow in bed, and just see his reaction to it.


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I think I would go get a baby rattle/ baby bib engraved with "Baby Roy" (like they do in the hospital) and wrap it up and give it to him during dinner.


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I was carring my b/f's neice and he was saying how much she loved me and then I said "were going to be holding one of our own soon" At first he was kinda like hun? Then he warmed up, smiled, and gave me a big hug!


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aww I wish I did something cute!
but I didnt .. infact mine was super bad!

I didnt know I was pregnant so I was super bitchy for a few weeks trying to pick fights and stuff..
I broke up with him that day.
and at night my friend told me to take a pregnancy test because
I was feeling nausea and stuff..

We went to Dennys bathroom ( yeah Dennys =[ )
and it was positive and I freaked out started crying
and wanted to kill him "for doing this to me" hahhaha

but then I left him a message on his machine
saying " Call me back jerk, thanks alot now Im pregnant"
I knw! rude. but i was mad!

then we went to Planned parenthood to confirm it
and it was a yes.. I was crying showin him the paper
and he was smiling an thinkin of baby names!

maybe in the future if we decide to have another one
Ill make it cute! hehehe


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I've never been pregnant but this is one of the things I am looking forward to so much...hehe...interesting ways to tell your SO.

I liked the commercial where the woman makes her husband go get her shoes or something and beside the shoes is a pair of baby shoes....

but my fave is the way my sister's boyfriend's sister told her parents she was pregnant. She had them over for dinner and when desserttime came she brought a jar of pickles and some ice cream. Hehe...

Chic 2k6

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im not planning to have a child for another good 10 years but when i do, i might plan it around Fathers Day and give the SO a card saying happy fathers day daddy, love baby xxx

i hope to do that


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I bought a little newborn baby outfit and a little teddy bear and put that in a gift bag. Then when i got home i handed him the bag...he looked at me confused and asked what it was for. I was like, JUST OPEN IT! So he sticks his hand in the bag and pulls out the baby outfit and starts laughing uncontrollably. I was like WTF for a minute...he laughed for a good 5 minutes...then he was silent...then he was!...but now, he's very happy and excited about the new addition. =D


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I love it on the episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy has Ricky play "We're having a baby, my baby and me"


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I took the test and then I woke my husband up and told him and he didn't seem to wake up fully, so I gave up. When he woke up, he told me that he had had a dream that I was pregnant and I told him that it wasn't only a dream. He got all excited; it was adorable. Hehe, he loves his little girl sooo much.


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Well, he was there when I was taking the pregnancy test. All I did was come out of the bathroom and tell him it was positive.


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I want to get a tiny pair of football boots and a baby sized football, because my boyfriend is football crazy! And I'm fairly sure at least 70% percent of the reason he wants kids is to play football with them


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I was sure AF was on it's way as I had had REALLY bad cramps the night before AF was due but I figured I would take the test anyway just for the hell of it. Meanwhile hubby was researching chicken pox as we were pretty sure he had come down with it the night before (it was full blown adult chicken pox), so he was a little distracted but knew I was taking the test.

The first test came back a very very faint positive which he kinda dismissed, especially as he was distracted. I found another brand which came back VERY positive lol so there was no doubt. Hubby was happy but it was hampered by the chicken pox and also shock as it was our first month trying lol!!

It was more fun telling our parents... The following day was fathers day, so in my dads card I signed it: love, Daly & Jenny +1

When we told my MIL, we just gave her a box of tissues with a note stuck on it that said "grandma" it took her a couple of seconds and then she burst into tears as we knew she would!

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