HTML and Websites.


Well I'm trying to start a new at-home DIY clothing line. I've seen it done before and I really like the idea!

Well I'm making a website that I'm going to sell them on, maybe e-bay as well, but I have a question about HTML.

My website:
It's only a temperary website, I have ftp space on a server but it's not yet a domain.

Well as you look at that page, you can tell, it looks a bit odd (aside from the hidious ads). Well i want the 'layout' posistioned in the middle, and I want Iframes where the big yellow space is. Also, I am not doing image mapping for the navigation Im going to add detailed text links under the navigation titles, the SHOULD target into the iframe.

So two questions: How do I center the layout and accurately have the iframe posistioned correctly on the layout at all times?

and, How do I create an iframe that invloves text links that target into the iframe?

I use to have a website with all of this but I just got a new computer and threw the old one away. bad idea
. Any help greatly appreciatted.

Oh yeah and what do you all think about this shirt? I never sewn a shirt before but nothings more fun then learning how to!


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i cant see the shirt!! i would love to see it!!

do a goodle search on html, you should be able to find the websites to help you there!!


OKAY GUYS - I basicly got most of the stuff down. I got my layout centered, but how do I get the Iframe ON TOP of my layout? right now it just sits on top of it.