I am such an idiot. Anyone use MUA?


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Wow, I really hope everything works out for you. I've always been so hesitant about swapping, and would probably only swap on Specktra. If I do decide to swap, I will remember your advice, thanks

I have a MUA but I only use it to review products.

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Dos anybody else HATE the layout of MUA?! I signed up years ago and would post the occasional review but stayed away from the forums cos I just got confused by the million and one bunched up threads that all looked like a damn mess!!!

I shut my account in a pissed off rage of frustration but had to flippin' open another one when I realised I couldn't access reviews. Grrr!

I'm really dubious about swapping on there. I prefer Specktra.

I agree, I hate the layout, especially the forum. I stay away from it.

Specktra >>>>>>> Make-up alley


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I too hate the layout of the forum because threads quickly disappear because it's a fast moving board, but I do think MUA is a huge wealth of information.

I've swapped a few times on MUA and always had a positive response, you just have to be a bit cautious who you swap with. As I don't have so many tokens on there yet, I have also sent my item first a few times and I don't mind doing that.


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I've also been a member of MUA for about a year now but have just begun swapping. Most everyone I've swapped with has had between 100-200 tokens and have made the experience really great. It is risky because you just never know what a person might do but that is something that you have to factor in when deciding to swap. But my dad has worked for the Post Office for almost 30yrs so you best believe I will file mail fraud charges if I ever get swaplifted(btw, my husband thinks "swaplifting" is the funniest word he's ever heard!).


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Why not? I was going to do just that, tell everyone the postal address so that they don't get done over. They change their names but the postal address gives them away...

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