I gotta say it was a good day


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Both are so fantastic!! I've had a hard time figuring out what to use my Chart paint with... but now I feel inspired!


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Congrats on the freelancing position! So jealous that I'm too far away to get my MU done by you....


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OMG I havent been on here since forever!! Glad to see your still posting here with your lovely FOTD's. Love the new hair too

BTW: did you ever finish the tatoo on your side of the koi fish?


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Seriosuly girl you should stark making tutorials again!! Love your looks..wish i was as talented as you are.


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Thank you for all the compliments
geez I had sooo much fun working I wish I was perm
And ya know since I'm not doing anything today I'll probably do a tut.

angelica: sadly, no. I didn't finish it. I'm a poor college student who only freelances lol.. but I'm planning on getting another session done when I get my tax return. I'm excited!!!

Hope you all have a happy easter!