I have a Desperate Houswives overkill....


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but I love it!

I got the DVD box this Sunday and decided to see ALL the episodes from the first season within two days!

Now while I watched them I downloaded the episodes from the second season so far and now I've watched 5 episodes!

Damn this marathon make me totally neglecting my Lost and The OC episodes!

But I loooove this show!

Gabrielle is my fav and she became it even more when she got herself that nice Aston Martin!


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im totally not liking the second season... im watching it cuz i feel like i need to and hoping and praying it will get better (which it SLOOOOOOOWLY is)... but compared to the first season hype, it sucks second season... ugh


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But I loooove the episode where Gabrielle kissed Tom and afterwards Lynette kissed Carlos! The look on his face when he asked her for an affair is too funny to be true!


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LOVE DH!!! I bought the dvd when it cae out My fave shows are DH Grey's anatomy and veonica mars and I have recently got hooked on Prison Break Ladies check it out! Hottness

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