I just got a job, advice please!


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So I recently was hired to work at a beauty supply store. They put me in the chemical department, mostly for women of color. I have no idea what they use in their hair. :/
And my supervisor is trying to teach me the most popular products, but there are SO MANY. And they expect me to memorize it at the end of the week.

So I was wondering should I bring in a notebook and take notes? I wanted to because it would be easier for me to study and remember or recall.

I don't want to look stupid though. I don't think my manager likes me very much :/

So what do you guys think? I need help please D:


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If it will help you to learn the material; do it! Your manager would probably like seeing that as a new employee you are taking the job seriously and have the drive to learn the material (not that you aren't taking the job seriously or don't have the drive!) Some managers just need to be convinced that an employee will do a great job more than others. Congrats at the new job and good luck!


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Is your manager a real wench? I mean, I would take notes, and I wouldn't be offended if somebody did, but if she's not all that nice, she may complain.

You may also want to do a little more research online, when it isn't being thrown at you. Some products are more popular than others, and generally speaking, as long as you know about those, you've got the foundation built. It's also a good idea to figure out what CHEMICALS do a certain job rather than which PRODUCTS do a certain job. For example, instead of thinking, "Product 1, product 2, and product 3 moisturize, but only product 1 is good for this type of hair..." it may help to categorize things like, "These products all contain Shea butter, so they moisturize and work best for this type of hair."


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Thanks guys. :/ I don't know him that well yet, he just seemed pissed off at me. Mostly cause I don't know the products. But they all knew I had no knowledge cause they asked at the interview. I was hoping they'd put me in cosmetics. But oh well, I've remembered some things so far. But when customers ask me for help I can't remember where the products are. It sucks. I've only been there one day though, So I wanted to bring in a notebook at least write these things down.


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definately take a note book with you! if your manager gets annoyed that you are taking notes then explain that you are making an effort to get to know the products and by taking your notes home you can learn there too. and don't be scared to ask questions. it's always better to ask than give somebody the wrong product.

also i find that if you're honest with people and say that you are new and please be patient, they will be much nicer and appriciate you helping them even more

and congrats on getting the job!


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Definitely take a notebook! It will help you out and thats all that really matters. Don't worry about what your boss thinks of you, just focus on doing your job well! He should be impressed that you're taking initiative to learn your job and do it well. Also, since you don't know him well, maybe its just his personality or he is having a bad week and thats why he seems pissed off, not because of you.
Good luck girl!