I lost my girl...


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I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. I have a geriactric kitty too. She's 12 in november. Even saying that makes me want to cry cause i know i dont taht many more years with her. I cant only imagine how hard it will be when the day comes, and i hope she can go as peacefully as your cat did.

Take comfort in the fact that you provdied a safe home for her, and loved and respected her. Unfortunately, there are too many people that regard their animal companions as property rather than living beings with feelings. She was unbelieveably lucky, and obviously, as were you to have met her.

One of the things i think/worry about the most in life is loosing the people i love. My cat, my mom, my grandma, my boyfriend, and how i will feel and go on after them. And then i think to myself, I was born in 1985. I will live, lets say 80 years. My grandmother was born in the 30s and she will live hopefully 100 years. The world is so old. So many people and creatures have lived and died, and among those there lives were a blip in time. It's pretty amazing that in that blip i have got to meet and love all the people that i have. For for that reason, i am so damn lucky. And that kind of makes me feel better. Thats how i feel about my cat mojo, and think thats how you should think about Gezebel.

And as for the people who tell you to just get over it. They are calloused insensitive assholes. Tell them to just get over the death of a family member, or a close friend. For some reason, people think that intense love can only be shared between two humans. I suppose its because you cant have a conversation with a cat... but it's 100% ignorance. Those people make me sad.


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sorry for your loss, i lost my girl too, even though she was less than a year old i was still very distraught so i know how you feel i think it's normal to feel sad when you lose a pet, they are part of the family too, but i think a collage is a great idea

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