I love Bing mattene l/s!


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So, I tried Bing and I love it! The color is soooo pretty on! It's a bitch trying to blend it out though... I think applying these Mattene l/s is best when applied with a brush.

Thank you all very, very much! I hope you all enjoy!

BTW, my boyfriend said he wanted to be a football player, so I gave him something to work with...

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Soft Ochre p/p
Modest Tone (all over lid)
Wedge + Warming Trend (outer + crease)
Espresso (liner)
Plush Lash Mascara (upper lash)
Zoom Lash (lower lash)
Walnut (brow)
Raven power kohl (waterline)

Regular stuff

Plum du Bois

Vino lip liner
Bing mattene (I applied it with my 194 brush. hahahaha... I need to invest in a lip brush!)
Oversexed plushglass

My boyfriend has on Blackground paintpot on.

Sorry it's so blurry!

hahaha, I love him!


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Bing looks gorgeous on you! You look amazing in the 2nd shot and I'm loving those earrings
LMAO at your man and his paint, haha!


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You look awesome with dark lips! I wish this trend suited me so good/ And your bangs is soo cute, makes me wanna have one too

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