I love my Lash Blast...what should I get next?


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Originally Posted by S.S.BlackOrchid
Has anyone tried the new yellow Lash Blast? I am curious about it, but hope it won't make my lashes crunchy like other CG mascaras.

I just bought this last week and there is no crunchiness at all -- just long soft dark lashes. I'm not crazy about it, because it really does not do anything for volume, but if you're just looking for length, it is a good mascara. And the brush is not nearly as unwieldly as some of those mascaras with the ginormous wands (or maybe I'm just not very coordinated with the jumbo wands - LOL!).

My favorite mascara as of late though is (and price being no object) the Lancome Oscillation Mascara. This stuff is just the best.


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I love L'Oreal Voluminous. I've been using it for years.

Did you see Whip It? There's a gratuitous Lash Blast reference, which make me LOL since Drew is the Lash Blast spokesperson


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I love Lashblast too! My other favourites are NYX Doll Eyes Length, and Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara. I also thought Max Factor 2000 Calorie was pretty good.


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lash blast is the best, if u get sick of the same old orange tube(which i do lol) try one of the lux lash blasts(the tube is red instead lol), they have a very subtle shimmer and are so pretty. i use the black and if u look close u can see teeny tiny silver sparkles on ur lashesl.
i need to try the other shades.you still get that same soft full volume.

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