I Need a Big Favor!


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Pleas​e use yr netwo​rking​ skill​s to help a siste​r out!​!​!​

Does anyon​e know anybo​dy that works​ for an airli​ne compa​ny and has a free or disco​unted​ fligh​t left for this year?​

I am kinda​ reall​y super​ broke​,​ but I reall​y need to see my guy befor​e he leave​s on his 2-year religious missi​on,​ it's prett​y imper​ative to our relationship​.​

Let me know,​ I will be etern​ally grate​ful!!!​!​ <3

<3 Nikki​


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Wow, i'm sorry that i can't help you

But i'm sincerely hoping someone could and that all things will work out for you! 2 years apart... that's really hard!


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awwww; i wish i could help, i only get a military discount because of my Aunt, and im not sure it would work for you, but i'll ask and PM you.


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Originally Posted by melozburngr
where are you flying from/to?

Flying from San Diego to Salt Lake City!

But we're gonna try to see if he can come out here instead since it's much warmer this time of year, so the reverse would most likely work too!

Do you have the hookup??