I need help! Ahhh


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Okay ladies, I need serious help with choosing a few products..
I use:
NW30 Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15
NW25 Select Cover-Up
Medium Plus Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural

I'm Asian, Filipino to be exact..I go to school and work in an office.

These are the items I can get, I know a few that I must get but pleaaase feel free to suggest more stuff.

> satelite dreams
> hepcat
> jewel blue
> mythology
> stars n rockets
> pen n pink
> sable
> shroom
> honey lust
> newly minted
> nehru
> fig 1
> greensmoke
> all that glitters
> beautiful iris
> scene mystery
> shale
> gorgeous gold
> yogurt
> woodwinked
> espresso
> saddle
> red she said-danger zone (trio)
> red she said inter-view (trio)
> illusionary burning ambition (duo)
> dame edna lipsticks for 8.50ea
> dame edna eye shadow trios in
> -royal tour 20.00 ea
> -wisteria 20.00 ea
> Fafi Lipsticks
> Fafi Powders

P.S. Hi Mods, I hope I'm not being a bad girl and placed this thread in the wrong section. If it is wrong, please move. Thanks


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You should definately ger "Black Tied" it's a color you can use every time it blends beautifully, and you can build up the color i highly recomend it for the outer v.​

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