I Need Help To Authenticate MAC Powder Blush That I Purchased


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I purchased this off ebay because I thought it was so cute and I like the color. It was an impulse buy. However the more I look at it, I am thinking that it might not be authentic. It doesn't have a color which is not normal to me, but I have never seen a MAC product made in Fabrique Aucanada before.

Here are the photos. I appreciate any help that anyone can give me.

MAC Blush.jpg MAC Blush2.jpg MAC Blush3.jpg MAC Blush4.JPG


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I would say that's definitely fake. Firstly, as you say, there's no colour name. The other thing that strikes me immediately is Minnie Mouse, Winnie The Pooh and Hello Kitty all together on the same thing???


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Thank you. I had a feeling, but always good to have a second pair of eyes to confirm. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. ;)
Yes, sorry dear :/
The label on the back also indicates the fakeness. Most glaringly, that the shade has a number instead of a name, the fonts used, etc.