I need nursery Help :)


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So I FINALLY found a cribset I love, but originally I was going to do the room teal and brown, and the crib set is brown and camel.

Should I switch out the blue paint for like a beige color? Is it too much beige and brown then? This is my first baby, and I'm so confused. LOL

ANY other ideas would be great too!

This is the cribset
Camel and Chocolate Paisley Baby Bedding - 9 pc Crib Set only $149.99

and this is how I'm going to do the wall. ( just an accent wall)

MY SON'S INCREDIBLE ARGYLE WALL - Living Room Designs - Decorating Ideas - HGTV Rate My Space


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i like the wall i say keep everything the way u want it because you dont want it to look to matchy matchy and just do blue accent pieces like maybe a blue pillow in the crib or something loike that or if u get a rocking chair do the cushion in blue


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I think brown walls and brown bedding may start to blend together if you know what I mean..but I'm not sure what other color would look best? Maybe if you did the tan and a really light cream? That would probably look good with blue accents


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i would say chocolate base to the wall, teal diamond shape and the beige lines on top.


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Thanks!!! I'm deff still doing the argyle wall, I just wasnt sure if I should have changed the color of the diamonds...but I think the teal wall will make it pop! Thanks you ladies!

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