I need some Halloween makeup tips


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I'm going as a vampire. I have 2 silver fangs (yes, I'm a vamp with a grill, lol), and white contacts. Dark reddish purple hair. Costume is red and black, and I'm going to wear red tights with black fishnets over, and knee high black patent boots. I have some Fyrinnae mineral foundation that is TOO pale for me that I'm going to use. Picture of contacts:


Hubby is going to be a zombie. He is very dark, so if I use my Fyrinnae foundation on him, he'll literally look dead:


Is there anything else I can do for him, other than the foundation and some black e/s smudged around his eyes?

And I'd like to do a sexy glam vampire face on myself, but don't know what to do.


All I can think of is smokey black eyes and red lips. Alternately, I could use Young Punk. Or, I can do smokey black, and then red very very lightly.



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As far as your look, I would try to stay in the dark reds, purples, and of course black. There are a tone of different vampire looks you could do but if you want to coordinate with your costume that would be the best bet. Also, if you have purple hair, an eye look incorporating a color like shadowy lady or indian ink would look really nice. Here is a Specktra FOTD by gabi03 that looks like it would look work:

and another by the lovely MissChievious

As for your hubby, add some special effects make up! Theres nothing like a bloody vampire! I saw an awesome idea on G4 the other day. They used clay to make a chunk of brain, spirit gum to attach it to the head, and liquid latex to blend it into the forehead. It looked great! Here is an idea from the very talented RenRen
Makeup By RenRen: Halloween Makeup - Easy Half-Dead Zombie Look

And another one by the beautiful blackenddove

Good luck with your costumes, be sure to post some pictures of the end results!


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I think I want to do this, cuz this is HAWT!


Any rec's? I'm gonna have to find some of that outlast lip stain stuff....


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As for the top color maybe passionate, and the inner corner coppering may work (used sparingly, its pretty pigmented). If you dont have those MAC colors, or you dont want to buy them just for halloween, I know HiP shadow has a nice orange color and a dark pink and some reds/burgandys should be fairly easy to find


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Here's my trial run: B.E.'s Cat Woman, Trax, and Bright Fuschia on eyes. Reflects Blackened Red looks better in real life than it does in the picture, I promise.

UD's S&M grey shadow on hollow of cheek, no blush, and NARS Albatross with MAC Lark About on top of cheekbone.

Lips, I will line using MUCH less black liner, lol.







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I really really like the eye look, you did a really good job. The only thing I would suggest is maybe adding a little more of the grey on the hollows of your cheeks and possibly taking the eyeshadow up a little higher. Either way it looks great but I like going alllll out for Halloween <3

As for the lips, I like how it turned out too, and I agree with less black liner. I've done a look similar to this and the only thing that I had a problem with was it made my mouth look so small. What I did was a clean line outside of my natural lip line and I smudged it about a half centimeter in, and then I put the red on top of it. It makes for a really awesome gradient effect and it also makes your lips look like their normal size. I also think that adding a little of the blackened red reflects in the center of your bottom lip would look nice.

*EDIT: I didnt mean higher for the eyeshadow, I meant more winged out! Lol sorry!*