I never buy cream eyeshadows and liners in pots...

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... because I am afraid that they will dry out quickly, as that happens a lot with foundations and mascaras I use. I would love to buy some Benefit cream eyeshadows and a few of Bobbi Browns gel liners and cream shadows, but they are too expensive for me to only use a small amount of product before it dries up.

What are your methods to keep those products from drying out?
Someone recommended putting petroleum jelly on the lid so no air can come through and I know that a lot of people store their pots upside down.
Do those techniques help and have you found others that work?

And if they dry out, what is the best method to make them creamy again?
I know that there are different methods like putting oil or visine in there, but which one works the best?


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once my bobby brown one dried out nothing I did to it could get it back creamy - I tried everything and nothing helped


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The best thing you can do is to shut the lid tight. If you are super worried about drying out, transfer some fo the product to a different jar for use, and refill the jar with product as you need it. If you don't open the original jar often, it won't dry out!


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i have cream products like that and have done for a coupleof years. they've not dried out at all. i store them upside down and make sure that the lid is on very tight!


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I find that Benefit cream eyeshadows don't dry out as fast as the MAC Paint Pots.

When I'm using the product I don't leave the pot exposed without its lid so I just turn it upside down. heating the dried up cream shadow with hair dryer makes it creamy enough to be applied but you'll have to heat it up everytime before use.

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