I think i've tried every foundation and still can't find 'the one'


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Here's a list of the foundations i've tried over the years:
Mac Studio Fix
Mac Studio Fix Fluid
Mac Studio Tech
Mac Pro Longwear
Mac Select liquid
Mac Studio Sculpt
Mac Face & Body
Mac Mineralize Satinfinish
DiorSkin Forever
DiorSkin Nude
Makeup Forever HD
Revlon Colorstay
Estee Lauder Double Wear
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light

But I can't seem to find one that I love!

I need a foundation that is medium coverage and long lasting (long lasting being vital due to my job!). I don't like dewy foundations but on the other hand I don't like really matte foundations either.

Studio Fix Fluid, Estee Lauder Double Wear and Mac Select liquid are my favourite of the bunch so far but i'm not amazed by them.

I was just wondering if anyone has got any suggestions?! I'd really appreciate it!

I've been considering trying a Bobbio Brown or Laura Mercier foundation.

For reference i'm NW15.

Thanks so much in advance!



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i noticed you've tried a lot of the mac foundations. i'm kinda' like you, they just didn't work for me and i've tried everything that's been released since 2004... anyway, i haven't tried the others you mentioned except the mufe hd forever, but i would give chanel a try. their vita lumiere and mat lumiere are pretty good. you can check out the ratings on makeupalley for specifics.


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how about Armani foundations? Maybe you prefer concealer over a tinted moisturizer/bb cream? I do Skin79 BB Cream + prolongwear concealer and a powder to set. Revlon colorstay is pretty good too. Maybe change up the brush you are using? I like flattops from everyday minerals and sigma.


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Thanks for the replies! Unfortunately I don't have an Armani counter near me otherwise i'd love to try out their foundations. I'm considering Nars Sheer matte or glow or perhaps a Laura Mercier one. I may be cheeky and ask the counters for samples! I don't want to waste more money on a foundation i'm not going to like x


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Definitely check out Chanel foundations, the mat lumiere or vitalumiere aqua both sound like they would match what you're looking for depending on which finish you prefer. If you're foundation shopping I wholeheartedly suggest you ask for samples of ANY foundation you're interested in before making your purchase. If you have a Nordstrom near you try to go there, they offer great customer service and won't give you any looks if you ask for samples to try before you make a decision.


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I am also an NW15 and my favourite is still Estee Lauder Lucidity Foundation in Pale Ivory. No yellow tones to it. It goes on smoothly, lasts all day, medium coverage, blends in so well that nobody ever thinks I am wearing any and refer to my skin as flawless or porcelain, lights up from within, but not dewy because it almost finished with a soft matter/powder finish, though not visible. Definitely worth checking out.


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I was in same boat too. I would try Make Up Forever ones, they are fantastic!! and staying power is awesome too


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Do check out Nars Sheer Glow! It's very natural, medium coverage and lasts all day! I like to set it with either Mac MSF Natural or Mac Select Careblend powders. As for the colour, it's better to go and get matched at the counter. They're very good at it. I bought mine in London and, despite of the poor lighting, it was spot-on! I'm NW25 and use Punjab.


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Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation! It's really amazing. It's very long wearing, but unlike the other long lasting foundations it's only medium coverage and looks VERY natural on skin. It's my HG foundation and Bobbi Browns colours are so flattering. I absolutely love it.

You can see me wear it hear: http://www.pudderdaaserne.dk/2011/05/07/sneak-peek-mac-surf-baby-studio-careblend-pressed-lush-light-bronze-bronzer/

I have MSFN on top on it on that picture.

Chanel Mat Lumiere and the MUFE ones all look nice on me, but they don't last on me.

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