I wanna be a SUPERSTAR!!!


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hey all,
I seldom post here recently...
hope you'll still remember me

here's my 'wanna-be-a-superstar look'
hope u'll like it


what I use
[face & cheek]
1. RMK cream foundation #102
2. MUFE HD liquid foundation #175
3. Chanel loose powder #30
4. Stila convertible color #PEONY
5. MAC blush #prism
6. Shu Uemura blush #pink 30
7. MUF duo shader
8. MAC MSF #shooting star

[eye & lash & brow]
1. MAC paints #bare canvas
2. Bobbi Brown eye palette #stonewash nude
3. Integrate liquid liner #black
4. false eyelashes
5. Shu Uemura brow pencil #9
6. MAC brow set#beguile

1. MAC l/s #freckle tone
2. MAC dazzleglass #she-zam



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This is an absolutely incredible look on you! Your application is amazing and your skin looks flawless! I'm so jealous. By the way, you totally rock the monolid!


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You look so perfect! I was hoping if you take requests you might do a tutorial from start to finish on applying your foundation/concealer, etc. to get your "perfect face" look.

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