I Wore My New MAC All At Once FOTD- Antiquitease


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I could not stand it, I had to put on as much of my new MAC stuff as I could. The application is quick and slap happy, but I wanted to see how it all looked. So here it is.

I absolutely LOVE these colors- I have no other makeup on besides the eyes and lips, btw, so the look is not as good as I would like, but I had to post for anyone who wonders what some of these things look like.

These are coming up as being in cooperation with the size posting guidelines, but if they are too big, let me know and I will change it to thumbnails.



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whoa... you really did do all the colors at once!!

I can't tell which side I like more-they both bring out your eye color nicely
... and the little one with you has m/u on too..cuute! my daughter did the same thing with my antiquitease haul--she was right there trying on stuff with me, as usual


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I love how Uppity looks next to Mi'lady, so pretty!! You and your daughter have the same beautiful eyes


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You guys- I forgot to take a photo of using MiLady on the lips over Queens Sin- it is totally amazing!

Thanks for all of the kind words, btw.

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