Identifying fake MAC Pigments ***Guide with photos***


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I managed to buy a couple of fake pigments on ebay myself recently. Thankfully I have managed to get a refund, but I am out of pocket by £8.70 for the return postage because of having to send it recorded.

The seller claims she is a makeup artist having a clear out and insisted that they were genuine, then said that she had got them from her usual wholesale supplier. I pointed out that MAC don't do wholesale, and told her what told me the pigments were fake - the lack of 'ridges' around the inside of the jar, the lack of a space after the "DIST. BY/PAR:" , and the fact that the font on the box was thicker and whiter than it should be. They also had that odd smell. I told her she had been conned by her supplier, but she refused to believe it (or maybe refused to admit that she knew they were fake, I don't know which).

I looked today and she has relisted them, or others like them. She's charging £24.99 each for them, so there was no low price to make me wary. Since she has relisted them, I feel I should warn people. The pigments I bought were Fairy Lite and Jardin Aires, but she has others as well, all in the old jars. The seller's user name is nosie57 and she is from Ireland.


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I have been searching this site for years and just finally became a member to say THANK YOU for all of these super helpful threads! I had no idea there were so many counterfeit MAC pigments!


thank you for the guide


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A reason why we should avoid counterfeit makeup: THEY HAVE HUMAN PEE IN IT. Keep up the good work in spotting the fakes and notifying us.


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Wooooooow!! I think the last time I was here was maybe 2008...? LOL I just unearthed some of the old MSFs from 2005 to 2007 (2 Petticoats and a Porcelain Pink, I think), an unused LadyBug lipstick that I bought at the Singapore international airport years ago, some postcards (MAC Fafi, Naughty Nauticals, some invitation for the Holiday Colour and Gift Collections, Strange Hybrid, Moon Bathe, Flashtronic, A Muse, Viva Glam 6 with Fergie, Passions of Red 2008) and the set of Heirlooms brushes with a gold weave clip purse. Brings back so many memories from here!! I am so surprised I actually remembered the password to get back in here!! XD Are there still counterfeit MAC cosmetics around? ><
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