If Cloning Came To A Perfection...


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so i was bored and sitting at my desk wondering about a bunch of weird things and suddenly i thought "what if technology has figured out all those mumbo jumbo kinks and made a cloning machine?!"

but i'm not talking about cloning a person or animal, i'm talking about a cloning machine for our makeups!

think of all the money we could save from buying backups of LE's right??

lol, i know this thought is a little far fetched but its nice to think about right???

so what are your thoughts??


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yeah that would be great...I think they already have cloning...CS, NYX etc...they all try to clone MAC products...No company could make money this way...meaning no New Mac products to clone


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lol, mac would be out of business which is not good for us cuz we need them.

but it would be awesome just to have a clone machine incase something happens to our precious makeups.


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YAY what a great idea! It's actually making me so happy to think I could get more back ups of Mi'Lady and Delineate LOL. Maybe I shouldn't use them at all and just wait till this cloning machine comes round xD


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The only thing about cloning is, well, there's never anything new. One reason why MAC is such as standout company for me, is that there is continuous innovation. Not just new colours, but new formulations and even completely new types of products, which are not only beautiful but also perform well (most of the time anyway... hehe). Clearly MAC spends a huge amount on R&D.

It's easy enough for other companies to copy products once they're in the market, but to continuously launch new products successfully... that is very hard for a company to achieve. So while I can get excited about cloning things I already have... at some point I will always crave something newer and better, and look forward to trying new stuff.


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Hehe, I think the cost to use the cloning machine might be more than the cost to look for an out of product LE item.

But, hey, we can dream.

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