If I have "these" shadows, what should I not get?


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I currently have the following e/s:

Blanc Type
Time & Space
Pen 'n' Pink
Signed, Sealed
Velvet Moss

I want to get at least:
Soft Brown
Amber Lights

What Mac colors are basically "dupes" or at least really similar for these colors. I don't have access to a MAC store or counter and I am not sure how much I trust the MAC site for the colors. Then I'll know, "hey I have a color that is really similar, so I won't get it." Thanks for the help in advance!!!


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Hi. In scouring dupe threads and watching you tube...

Signed /Sealed is supposed to be similiar to Shadowy Lady. I have Shadowy Lady but not the other. Shadowy Lady is very dark purple completely matte, if that helps.


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I'd suggest you'll swatch Time & Space and Amber Lights next to each other. I decided not to get Time & Space because it seemed similar to Amber Lights (but I never swatched them so maybe I was wrong)...


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Time&Space is similar to Woodwinked not Amber Lights! You should definately get Amber Lights.It's gorgeous.

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