If you could sleep with ONE celebrity.....


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Who would it be?

Mine sooooooooooooo has to be Mark Wahlberg!
I'd do him till I run dry!
LOL sorry for the vulgar language, but I'm just being honest. Been lusting for him for 10 yrs! I'll get horny JUST FOR HIM! HAHAHAA

a cigarette never looked so damn sexy and attractive!!!


and if I was a lesbian, Catherine Zeta Jones would be my choice. so classy and sexy. hot hot hot.


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[FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Nicholas Hoult from the English tv show skins. Omg he is so hot... but he's all the way in England.
And probably David Beckham is a close second haha.
I guess I have a thing for English guys.


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Male: Blair Underwood. I am infatuated with this man.
Woman: Jennifer Love Hewitt. I have a huge girl crush on her.


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Originally Posted by janwa09
Definitely Johnny Depp in his Jack Sparrow outfit lol!

OMG me too...not in the Jack Sparrow outfit though lol

Female: Scarlett Johansson, she's stunning!


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Definitely Jensen Ackles. Oh my god, that man is made of sex. My boyfriend and I have "lists" much like off of Friends, and Jensen Ackles is the only person on mine.


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woah, this is so hard.
I guess I'd say Jason Schwartzman, I've had a crush on him for years, lol!

And if I was a lesbian I'd sleep with Eva Mendes



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ohh so difficult but gut reaction says Dave Grohl
For a women it would be Drew Barrymore

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