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It must be quality to be selling in Selfridges...that's a vote of confidence even before I've been to see the products.

Will check out at the weekend!!!!!!!


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Their website is certainly very high-end. I want to touch and feel and play with the products.

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omg their pigments are DIVINE! Seriously Londoners, you have to get your asses to Selfridges asap. I'm going to do a major haul as soon as I start earning money.


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Originally Posted by capmorlovesmac
I hope this brand will be available in Germany soon!

Oh yes!


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Originally Posted by MzzRach
Wow. The promo images are dynamite.

RIGHT???? it looks so gorgeous and high end.


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Where did you find the promo pics?

Originally Posted by capmorlovesmac
Oh please report us what you think of the products then!

Will do. I'll try and go one day after work next week.


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Originally Posted by dreamiez
what are the prices like?

and currently only available in selfridges?

The prices have been posted (somebody totally missed that post
) and yeah, it's only in Selfridges at the mo.

I can't believe they're right next to MAC!! Sneeky!


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Originally Posted by dreamiez
what are the prices like?

and currently only available in selfridges?

Originally Posted by Indian Barbie
their prices are about the same as MAC...

Pure Pigments (Better than MAC!) - £14
Eyeshadow - £12
Cream Eyeshadow - £14
Eye Liner Cake + Sealing Gel - £15
Liquid Eyeliner - £14.50
Eye Brow Cake - £12
Volume Mascara - £14
Brow and Lash Gel - £11
Sealing Gel (Like MAC Mixing medium) - £8
Medium Pencil - £11
Fine Pencil - £11
Fat Pencil - £13
False Lashes - £9

Eyeshadow Quads - £34
Cream Shadow Quads - £34

Lipstick - £12.50
Intense Lipgloss - £11.50
Sheer Lipgloss - £11.50
Lip Quad - £34

Matt Primer SPF 20 - £15
Satin Primer SPF 20 - £15
Light Liquid Foundation - £20
Rich Liquid Foundation - £20
Cream Foundation - £20
Powder Foundation - £20
Pressed Powder - £17.50
Pressed Powder - £17.50
Loose Powder - £17.50
Concealer - £12
Under-Eye Concealer - £12

Powder Blusher - £15
Cream Blusher - £15
Illuminator - £12

Nail Varnish - £11
Top Coat - £10
Base Coat - £10

Brushes and Accesories
Eye Liner Brush - £15
Lip Brush - £18
Eye Brow Brush - £18
Eye Shadow Brush - £18
Blending Brush 1 - £20
Blending Brush 2 - £22.50
Highlighter Brush - £22.50
Foundation Brush - £25
Blusher Brush - £25
Angled Blush Brush - £25
Powder Brush - £35
Eye Lash Curlers -£17.50
Tweezers - £20
Sponges - £2.50

there you go.

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Originally Posted by Hilly
I feel like I would be cheating on my lover, MAC...

Lol i thought like that too, but then I thought, its more fun having a no-strings-attached relationship! hehehe


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Wow that's a prime spot is that where Chanel/Dior was, thanks for sharing the prices, I read about them in the londonpaper; did you catch any of the performances they had? I'm can't wait to see it in the flesh. Do you how it's pronounced? I'm thinking ee-lah-mas-ka...?


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^^ spot on with the pronunciation.

Im so annoyed with myself for not checking the products out... I was there last week on a Nars/BE/GA mission. Dior have been shifted right to the end (behind laura mercier) poor guys.

It a range by the amazing Alex Box (she worked with MAC at some point too I believe) and its produced by Kryolan so that just screams hot!

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