Illuminare Liquid Mineral Makeup


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Hey guys! Long time, no post. So I just graduated from Esthetics school in October (yay!) and I have to admit, my skin never looked WORSE than it did while I was in school. All the facials and products and masks and peels, my skin was not pleased. I would have thought the opposite, but no. No no no. However, while in school we had a good bit of spare time for studying while the other girls were giving clients treatments. Sometimes you get studied out and pick up a magazine from magazine mountain. (Seriously, we had a tower of magazines at our disposal.) One of my favorites was DaySpa magazine. So full of good tips and products. I kept a constant list of new stuff I wanted to try. One thing on my list was Illuminare Cosmetics. I'd seen an ad in DaySpa. It's a liquid mineral foundation, and since my usual mmu just wasn't cutting it with all the concealing I needed to do from the constant breakouts from school, I looked into Illuminare.

Being that while in school, I had to quit my regular job and start bartending, my wallet was pretty...light. I looked up Illuminare online and saw that their website offered a sample pack of 9 colors for $10 plus shipping. I decided to give it a shot. So glad I did. I ended up ordering a full size tube of their concealing mineral foundation in portafino porcelain within a week of receiving my samples, along with their foundation sponge. You would think that $27 for a half ounce of foundation would be a ridiculous price to pay. Wrong again. I can use 3 dots of foundation, each dot smaller than the size of a peppercorn, to cover my entire face. I top that with Coastal Scents mmu powder, and spot conceal with the Coastal Scents mmu. I've been using it for over a month now and I've barely made a dent in the tube. Added bonus: my skin has cleared up beautifully.

I really like this stuff. The biggest downside I've found is that the concealing formula makes me quite oily and shiny after a few hours. I may look into the mattifying formula next time I order. But really, all in all, I can deal with a little oiliness for how great my skin looks with this makeup...I get tons of compliments, even from girls I went to esthetics school with who KNOW how bad my skin was. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone suffering from acne, scars, or who are prone to blackheads. Love it.

Anyone else tried this stuff?