I'm a procrastinator, WEE!!


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Hola ladies!

I finally got the urge to actually do something tonight while my husband "watched" my younger son who happens to be in a bad mood because he is teething, which in turn has made him sick.

Anyway, I got a new hair cut today and decided it was time to take pictures with my broken camera and post them. (Mind you, the LCD on my digi is cracked and has been since July - AKA. I'm a procrastinator!)

OH AND, I passed my California Real Estate exam so I am officially (okay when I actually get the license #) a Realtor. w00t!

So, to the point, this is what I used:

NC40 studio stick
NC42 studio fix
Slave to Love blush
Paula Dorff brow duet in brunette
Fawntastic CCB
Luna CCB
Moonlight e/s (stila)
Expensive Pink e/s
Carbon e/s
Engraved p/p
Zoom Lash + Mac lashes #??
Prep & Prime lip
Brick l/l
Russian Red l/s
Pure Vanity l/g (LOVE LOVE LOVE this gloss!!)



I'm sorry for the crappy & washed out pictures. I have no way of seeing the pics until after I upload them onto my 'puter.

Thanks for looking.

P.S. I'm not nakey! I'm wearing a shirt that hung off my shoulders!