Im considering taking out a loan to build freelance kit, is that crazy?


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I have about 30% of my kit built so far. I have my website (with a 12 photo portfolio) and business cards, but I don't have most of the products I need yet. I work in retail and right now I'm just working to build my kit and then retail can kiss my butt (with the exception of MAC, I want to freelance for them while I do my own freelancing). I just cant do it anymore, working my ass off for next to nothing retail pay. I'm so frustrated at how much more products I need before I can start booking clients and such. I'm thinking about taking out a personal loan , just for $1,000 to complete my kit so I can start working ASAP. Would that be crazy?


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I don't think it's crazy,unless you're already carrying a lot of debt.
You can probably pay off $1000 fairly quickly, especially if completing your kit would help you earn more than you're making now.


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Anything that is going to benefit your future I say is a good thing. Just keep in mind that you will ALWAYS be adding things to your kit, and while $1,000 seems like a lot, in this business (makeup purchasing wise) you might just have enough for your basics. Unless you have some pro cards, with all your credentials you definitely qualify. Good luck!

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