I'm ging to cry ...nothing works for my lashes...


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I'm really going to cry now! I have a gazillion mascaras, curlers,primers..... but my lashes won't hold a curl...at leat not longer than 20 minutes and if i recurl after mascara application, some get damaged - OF course everybody knows THAT, but i don't know what to do....i'm about to spray hairspray on my lasghes- LOL


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i'm the same way! my lashes are really straight and they point downwards. i've come to just accept it, but i have been thinking about trying a lash perm. a friend of mine had one and it looked soooo good. her lashes had a really nice, even curl and it lasted for quite a few months (i think it was roughly 3 months give or take a little). i checked prices around some of my local salons and it seems relatively inexpensive, the most expensive i saw was $20 and the cheapest was $8, but i would do some research on a reputable salon that offers this service. hth!


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A heated eyelash curler does the trick for me. Just make sure you hold it against your lashses for at least 20 seconds or more. HTH.


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have you tried shiseido's mascara base? my lashes really hold its curl with it on otherwise it would be stick straight..


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Have you tried Diorshow? I have dead straight Asian eyelashes and this curls them, I don't even need to use an eyelash curler anymore. If that didn't work maybe go or falsies or and eyelash perm like others have said.


i would try the shisheido mascara base...I have this and I love it. I hear the shu or shisheido curler is also pretty good but I have not tried this.


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I have heard that the best selling Japanese mascara Fiberwig works well too. Its sold at Sephora. I also just bought the new mascara from Lancome called Courbe Virtuose and its wonderful!!! I could actually see my lashes curling and it holds the curls for hours!


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Thanks ladies! i've tried everything but shiseido base...I'm on my way to get some. thank you!!


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I know how you feel! I have stick straight Asian eyelashes that won't hold curl no matter what I do, mainly because I have a monolid/single eyelid, and when I open my eyes, the 'excess' layer of skin folds down over my eyelashes and pushes them down..does that make sense?

So here's my solution (after years of misery):
Normal days out, curl with Shiseido curler in the morning, and carry around E.L.F's curler for touch-ups. Forget mascara et al...it will only cause problems.

Dressier days when I have more time to fuss: Curl, Shu Uemura Last Xtension (really holds curl and lengthens but doesn't deliver volume!), one coat of Too Faced Lash Injection (incredible length and volume, risk of being spidery), let dry completely, then curl again.

Uber-dressy nights: Follow as above, and then add falsies!

P/S Lately I've been using Talika's lash conditioner twice a day for the last week and have noticed considerably longer and fuller...I'm going to keep up with it and hopefully at some point I'll have nice thick lashes that will somehow want to curl up on their own? Wishful thinking..I know...


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three words, Heated eyelash curler (or is eye lash two words LOL). Just don't be a twerp (love that word) and heat a regular eyelash curler up, say, with your hairdryer.. BAD!!
Anyhoo.. try the Talika eyelash curler, or a cheapier one, the Modelco version (although mine died after two years of couple times per week use). I think Blissworld.com sells the talika one, or sephora maybe?

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