I'm NEVER buying make up again!


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Originally Posted by xxManBeaterxx
Its so hard to resist buying thens when you read the collection discussion in the forums, but i try not to read them anymore because everyone tempts me to buy things

Omg I KNOW! Reading about new collections or seeing an FOTD with some gorgeous color makes me want to rush out and buy more.

Especially with new collections...I keep thinking I'm going to miss something that later will be a highly coveted amazing item (like past MSFs!).


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Originally Posted by Blushbaby
I have a LOT of makeup but try not to buy duplicate shades unless they're items I use all the time.

I also have a spreadsheet detailing every item and shade I own so I don't end up repeat buying by accident.

That is a great idea!! I've bought duplicate shades sooo many times, thanks for the idea!! It'll come in handy and save me some $$


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Originally Posted by mariecinder
I was browsing the combination sets on the Sephora website, like I always do. I came across a coulple sets that I already have and thought, "Have I ever even used any of those items?". Then I started thinking about ALL the make up I have that I hardly use. So I told myself, "I'm never buying make up again!"

Then...I laughed out loud at myself because I know that will not happen! lol

Have you ever looked at your collection of make up and thought the same thing?

Many x 92827272722

Sometimes I get so sick just looking at it.


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Dude... There should seriously be an institution for this. Cosmetics/makeup is a serious addiction...

I've said I'm not buying anything. This month I'm going on a serious no-buy. Not even any "deals." I need to build some go**amn will power!


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Originally Posted by mariecinder
When I start thinking about how much money I've spent on make up...that's when I start to get sick...lol

UGH! I hear ya!!!! I have every receipt from every MAC purchase I've ever made clipped to my fridge (yes, sounds weird but I was hoping it would stop me from buying more... instead I just watch the pile get bigger). I added it up one day... and when I saw the total, I decided to NEVER add it all up again. And that's just my MAC!

I've vowed to stop buying make up so many times that my friends just roll their eyes at me. When I go to the mall, I tell my friends "under NO circumstances am I allowed to enter MAC or Sephora".... and they roll their eyes and say "okaaaay". And I'm really good!!!! Until I walk past either store and say "oooh I'll just look, okay?". YEAH RIGHT!!! I'm sure you can all guess how that ends!

Last "binge", I told my best friend that I wasn't going to buy anymore make up until September.... she laughed.

BUT! I am happy to say that I have been "purchase-free" since July 12th!!!


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Hahaha, the OP is what I tell myself when every paycheck comes in...

Although I do have my next one slated for the Kat Von D palette's... >.>;;


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I do that because I do have a lot of makeup but most of the stuff is crap quality anyway, I just haven't gotten rid of it yet.
I can't help but buy more makeup but I don't think it's as bad if I'm getting great makeup that I will actually use. The better makeup is more expensive, but the crappy makeup is a complete waste of money because I won't end up using it at all!


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I fell of the wagon just last night. I too said no more until September, my birthday month, I strolled my round behind into the store and walked out $126.00 lighter in the purse. I told myself 2 wks ago when a splurged that this is it! Its bad to lie, but even worse when you lie to yourself! LOL


If I let myself go I'd be exactly like that - thankfully I havent gotten quite to that point yet, and I only have a couple things that I dont use sofar.


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God, I've said that about so many things...bath items and perfume, mainly, but I can totally see how I could EASILY get to that point with my makeup! As it is now, people see my train case and go
, even though I don't feel like I have THAT much. (And compared to some of the pics I've seen on here, I'm makeup poor!) I've got a few orders coming in this week, and then I'm going to *try* to go on a no-buy until the 21st...I know I'm not going to be able to pass up the new Cult of Cherry stuff!

I'm actually pretty good about using my stuff, though. I just went through my case and gave away all the things I haven't used in awhile to a friend whose makeup got ruined when her house flooded, (and most of what I gave her was drugstore stuff anyway), and some of the things I have on order are actually going to be Christmas presents. I've found that most people are MORE than willing to accept gently used makeup from me, and there's always swapping/selling, so I don't feel too terribly guilty about the size of my collection. (Yet.


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So I placed a Sephora order today...but it was nessities! I was out of foundation, my brow stuff, and I needed another back up of UDPP. All justifyable! lol