I'm soo worried


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hey peeps,

my grandma broke her hip yesterday and is in the hospital right now, it's so sad because grandpa died in februari, he got really sick when he delayed his hospitalization (sp?)back then because he wouldn't want to leave her alone. My grandmother has been showing signs of demention since a year, and ever since grandpa died grandma's demention is getting worseand I feel like she's been slipping away... I went to the hospital today and she is giving up. it's soo sad to see her struggle, that little old woman, this is not the life she would choose for, if she could.
is it bad to hope she is going to be with grandpa soon?
xxx Sanne


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I am so sorry that your grandma is going through this (and your family as well). I hope that she finds her happiness and peace soon...whatever that might be for her. Hugs to you and to her too...


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im so sorry for you!
its not bad to wish that if thats the best for her.
i just hope for the best for you too and your family


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I am so sorry, thats terrible. Sometimes those who suffer do give up, but thet fact that she will no longer be in pain physically and mentally might bring a small amount of comfort even in the face of tragedy.