I'm stressed out, worried I've taken on way TOO MUCH


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So School Started Yesterday, and I have 19 hours:

Math Concepts ( I'm terrible at Math)
Revolutionary America ( 5 books and 4 papers and one research)
Ghosts Myths and Legends ( 6 books and 2 papers)
Modern Middle East ( 5 books and 1 research paper)
Chemistry 2 ( I'm worried about this one)

So on top of normal class work, and exams I would have 16 books to read some of which are rather large... Plus "homeschooling" my preschooler lol we started him on a preschool program which required a bit of work and time on my part .

I'm really contemplating weather I will be able to handle all the work and do well in the courses or if I should let one or two of the classes go. I need to take them all and I'm trying to graduate soon, but i'm so afraid so spread myself too thin and let the important things ( like my son) suffer... Or should I suck it up and work hard and get through it, advice please.



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In my experience I would say dropping 2 classes would be best. Would you rather take a little bit longer to graduate while getting good grades, or quicker with mediocre grades? Plus less class & class work time means more time for your family.


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If I were you, I'd probably drop at least one class. You mentioned you have a son, and in that case, I'd probably even drop two. But again, you just have to think about your priorities and what would be best for you. Good luck!


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Drop Chem until you can completely focus on it because it will be hard. You don't want to 1/2 ass what you can do....and you forgot, time for ME! lolol


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omg. some of those classes scare me! Especially the math and chem. they are stress producing (for me at least) and I can speak from experience. I had to take tons of math my first two years in college and I'm an art history major. I personally would drop the Chem and Math and concentrate on the others. Maybe thats because they sound really interesting to me. but I'm guessing they are also the classes with the papers and books. So, it's up to you.
Hope you get everything sorted out! Good luck with your semester!!!


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Drop two of those classes. Stat!

I took 4 classes last quarter. And I suffered from it. No sleep. I had LOADS of reading to do, because 3 of those classes were history classes, which required 100-200 pages of reading per class per week. And the other class was chem lab, which was TEDIOUS.


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You should absolutely pare down that schedule. Nineteen hours is a lot to take as a full-time student, let alone as a mother taking care of a small child. You are definitely going to burn out if you stay at the current schedule. Drop any electives (maybe the Myths and Legends course) and one of the tougher classes (math or chemistry). Just do one "hardcore" class a semester if you can - take it slow.



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If it is going to affect your family, then graduating early isn't worth it. You'll get there one way or another. If you go the route you are on right now you might graduate early, but it will be at the expense of your sanity, family and probably your GPA.

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Even if this means another quarter/semester, you may as well enjoy yourself. Also, if you have any intention of going to graduate school, you need to do well! Even if you don't, some jobs want your GPA.

Before you decide which classes to cut, I'd ask the prof about the work and the difficulty

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This is my humble opinion from my own personal experience. While in school my last semester at the J.C. to transfer to the U.C. I took 24 units, that came out to 6 classes. One of those was Statistics. I had two children at the college Child Development Center, 4 1/2 and 2 year old and I got through it. I graduated that year with 2 A.A. degrees and was able to transfer in the Fall to SFSU. I know it seems like a lot and it was, but if you are determined and have family support you can get through it. At that time my husband was working in Los Angeles, M-F and home on the weekends. If it wasn't for my in laws I wouldn't have made it.
Our kids are now 13 and 10 and I'll tell you from my experience they came out just fine...lol. (For anyone who has children but wants to comment, please be kind) We have two wonderful children. We as mothers get through more than we ever think we can and it's all for the benefit of our children. My whole college career I started and finished after my children were born. It's a huge commitment but it can be done and successfully. I did graduate with honors and was accepted into the SFSU business school.
Only you know your limits and if you feel as you progress you need to drop a few classes, then hey you just have to re plan your schedule and graduation date, it happens. I know I had to do that a few times but when you get so close I know how exciting it can be to be so close you just want to finish.
Good luck and know that you can do it!


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I agree with the others about dropping some classes. That just seems too overwhelming (especially since some classes are going to be more challenging for you). My semester starts next week, and they recommend 12-15 units full-time. Good luck with whatever you choose to do


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I agree with sass e, only you will know if you can handle it. Next sememster I will have to take 15 hours to graduate on time and I am dreading that. I can't even imagine 19hours. You could take like summer or winter sessions for some of your classes that way you would have less to worry about now and that might still let you graduate when you wanted, you just won't get the big breaks like everyone else. But it'd be a lot less worry and stress I am sure.


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Well see, none of them are electives I have to have them all to graduate with my degree ( Major History , Minor Secondary Ed) so i lucked out and got the ones i wanted to take rather than stuff that just happens to meet requirements... SO i don't want to drop the ones i'll enjoy for fear of not being so lucky next semester. I talked w/ dh tonight and he thinks i can handle it b/c the longer i take the longer i'll live in a town w/ no family and no him. ( he is going to air-force officer training) So if i drop any i'll be an extra semester alone. If i take it all, i can go back home with family for my student teaching.


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It's really up to you and what your limitations are, but there are plenty of people who take on crazy loads of work and come out on top. It's all about time management. You need to sit down and take some time to figure out a schedule. This is a great site/ebook about success in college, they have a really nice chapter on managing your time. They even have worksheets that you can print out. I've used them during many semesters and they help me out so much. I think having a lot I'm responsible for pushes me to work harder and do better. Make sure to block off time for yourself and your family. Also, if a class is requiring 4-6 books usually those are part of the 'normal class work' so I usually prefer literature and history courses since I can bring my books anywhere to just read. What helps me a lot is to break up my study sessions so I switch between courses/topics every 20-30min. I take my course work and break it up into smaller assignments; this way I'm not overwhelmed by any large assignment/paper/reading. Hope everything works out for you


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If you opt to take all your classes, maybe you and your son can have "study time" together. You can work on assignments for classes that are easier for you and save the hard work for after the little one is in bed. That way, you'll get to spend time with him, he'll feel like he's helping his mommy, and you'll get work done.


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Anthropology is super boring :/ I hated it, but a lot of people in my class really loved it. hope you like it!

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