Ima NEWbiE


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Hi everyone.My name is Stephanie and I'm 20..I LOVE MAC!!!! I'm from NY but I move around a lot! My husband is in the Marine Corps and it's always an adventure.We have 2 gorgeous lil girls.Alazae and Isabella.I discovered Mac on our recent duty station in Southern Cal.Being a women of color( My family is from the dominican republic... Nc 44 in summer not sure what I am in winter months) it is pretty difficult finding the right shades that dont turn ashy or eyeshadows with tons of pigment.Mac has it all.The women who work there are all very educated and know what there doing.They help out tons and pick out colors i wouldnt even dare to look at. Well I am done with my novel haha and I look forward to getting to know all of you.


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Hey Stephanie!
to Specktra! I'm glad to hear you've had excellent experiences at your local MAC counter.
See you around!