Inglot Las Vegas Haul


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I went back home to Las Vegas this weekend and stopped by the Inglot store. Please visit my blog for swatches​


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ohmigosh..I live here in Vegas and have so wanting to get down to Inglot. I didn't even realize we had one until I checked their website and they have one in Town Square :) I gotta get there :) Do you think this makeup would work on 50ish skin?


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Next time you go you should video chat with me in the store LMFAO. Great haul Becca Baby!


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Very nice! I love your eye shadow choices! I was there in April and made my first Inglot purchase. I have since ordered 2x from the website. So far only shadows and lipsticks, but I'm gonna try blush next time.

babyblusnv - I am fifty-ish and everything I've tried works for me. There are plenty of color choices so you can choose whatever you are comfortable with for your palette. I haven't tried foundation and I probably won't (Dior works best for my aging skin!)

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