Inspired by ilovedisneylands pink smoky eye tutorial.


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Well, I say inspired, because I didn't pull it off all the way. but I copied it as best as I could considering I didn't have all her products and some stuff just isn't cute on me. lol

Heres her pic.

I am sorry this look is the truth. Love her looks. Oh is this wrong to post her pic or should I have linked it?

Now here are mine ..



To be perfectly honest, this is a look I would have NEVER done. It's pink and cranberry and beauty mark. Hahah Me wear beauty if..

But I think I am pulling it off.

Whatcha think?


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Thanks Yall...I am out and about today and I feel like I am getting some of the craziest looks. But its all good.


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That looks so pretty on you, people prolly aren't looking at you crazy they're prolly admiring your work!


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Originally Posted by Bootyliciousx
what lipglass did u use


Wow I haven't laughed that hard on spekctra in a long time.

Girl (my assumption) thats no lipglass..thats a jordana plum liner with some wet and wild blazin berry.

My MAC addiction started heavily with eye stuff. I think the eyes have it. I am just now slowly entering into the lip arena. But that made my day..hehehe

Thanks everyone for your encouragement. Love it.

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