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Interesting tutorial on pressing loose pigments [link]


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Can't take any credit for this. A friend found it on Live Journal, and I just had to share it with you guys. It looks very do-able! 8)



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Wow that's a really good tutorial, the pigments actually look really pretty. I always thought the diluting/mixing pigment technique was so messy and icky looking, but this looks super nice! Now where did my childhood flower press go??:p


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That's gorgeous... I so want to try this but I know I will probably give up in fustration... because recently... I've had absolutely no patience for anything even slightly intricate... damn work!


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Re: Interesting tutorial on pressing loose pigments

this is awesome! I stopped 'pressing' my pigments and such a long time ago because the usual method left me with crumbling pigments, creating a bigger mess than it took to make. I'm glad you shared this! To Michael's I go!


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Re: Interesting tutorial on pressing loose pigments

This is the most informative pressing tutorial I've ever seen in!
I tried Kitschmas and Blue-Brown the other day and it turned out very well, I use this technique for fixing broken e/s as well

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