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LightWater is a smart, efficient answer to the stale skincare and preservative-overload world that we’re all living in today. Conceived by multiple beauty industry powerhouseswith massive track records – CEO & Founder Soo-Young Kang, PhD bioscientist and skin care product expert; Dr. Rox Anderson, the father of laser-based dermatology and inventor of aesthetic procedures including CoolSculpting®; and Dr. Fernanda Sakamoto, renowned dermatologist and clinical researcher – LightWater Skin Nutrition up-levels the idea of fresh and up-ends standard industry practices.

The brand takes a different approach from industry normsto create truly fresh products, ensuring that their formulas feature ingredients that are not only sourced fresh, but are also formulated, small-batched, sent, and applied fresh as well. Think single-dose, zero-preservative skincare made from scientifically proven ingredients, crafted into the purest formulations possible.

They launched with two products(information outlined below) of a simple day/night regimen that easily accommodates busy, modern lifestyles, each packaged in 28 single daily doses.

  • Good Morning Multivitamin Moisturizer: Nourishes and metabolizes throughout the day with a formula that features vitamins, antioxidants and probiotic to help improve hydration and radiance.
  • Good Night Replenishing Cream: A product featuring ingredients like ceramides and goji berry extract, to help firm, rejuvenate and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, all while supporting skin health.
PRICE:$45.50 / one-time purchase, or $41 / auto-ship subscription;

both products together $82 / one-time purchase, or $69.70 / auto-ship subscription

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