Invite to "grand opening" party in Portland - anyone been to one of these?


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When the m/a gave me the invite, she said it was the big party with media, etc. Cocktails, hor d'eurves, etc. Are these fun to go to? I thought I read a post that said it was kind of not fun...

If anyone has been to one, let me know!

The invite was interesting looking - it's a regular MAC postcard, with these lips all over the place - it was a mirror image thing, the left side looked like the right. I think it says something like We're on everyone's lips, or something like that...
When is their party? Sean is slacking on sending me an invite


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I've talked a bit about this in the Portland MAC store thread.The party is on the Aug 17th, but that weekend there are going to be even more events and makeup doing. Should be pretty exciting!


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I was at one in my town. Great food! Nothing extra as far as makeup went but they were booking appts.