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Hiya All

I love, love, love LOVE Irregular Choice shoes, I'm in the UK and can't find anywhere that has the new collection, online or in store! It's driving me mad!! I need these shoes....

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Actually there's lots more that I want too!

Anyone got any ideas?



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i love those shoes too! i got my pairs at they have a ton of selcection, but the prices are a lil too high there.. it hardly goes on sale but it way worth it!


I get my ICL at, too.
I didn't think the price differed that much from one online store to the next--sonetimes Urabn Outfitters has them and the price is the same as zappos.
I've never seen them in a store before, so I don't even know where to begin to look.

I'd go with zappos if the overseas shipping rate wasn't insane.

PS. I usually had to order a size down or the shoe would fall off of my foot, but I don't know if that's because my feet are shrinking or what. The reviews are helpful on Zappos for that kind of thing...


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Tried Schuh and everywhere else in the whole flippin country that sells footwear (at least it feels like it) but nowhere has them. Apparently they weren't ordered by any UK retailers. Grr


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Irregular choice shoes are my favourites...

You can sometimes find them on ebay...i think theres a store called "letsbuyshoes" or "lets_buy_shoes" on ebay that sells ALOT of irregular choice shoes, so perhaps try there
good luck finding them, they are exrreeeemely cute


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OMG thoes are sooo cute! Please let me know where you end up finding them. I'm going to look around as well.


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those are so cute.
nordstrom will have irregular choice shoes sometimes too, ihave seen cute ones there!


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i saw those at bloomingdales a while ago
or i saw a pair that looked just like that

also nordstroms carrys alot of flats


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I heart Irregular Choice shoes, too! I always look at them on Zappos, they are totally me.

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I just got a pair of Irregular Choice boots for 36 dollars. and a pair of irregular choice flats for 32. both brand new.
pure bliss.


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My life's quest is to get a pair of IC Scalloped Wedge Creepers. How cute are these??? I need them soooo baaaaaaad!



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Oh my goodness I am so jealous! I would seriously still buy a pair even if they fell to pieces on my feet. Do you know if scalloped wedge creepers are the official name? I am having such a hard time finding any mention of them!

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I have never bought a pair although I have access to them because I heard the quality is so bad.