Is Prrr l/g discontinued?


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I have found a couple of listings on ebay stating that prrr lipglass is discontinued. I know I saw it the last time I went to my pro store. Isn't this misleading and false advertising?


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Of course not! Dont trust Ebay, they just state those stupidities to get you to purchase! Its absurd how many things they will say are going to be d/c....really, Prrr is a really good seller, they wouldnt discontinue it...


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Prrr lipglass is one of MAC's best selling products, I can say with great certainty they are not discontinuing it. Not to mention the fact that it has such star quality free advertisement- Paris Hilton regularly says that this is her favorite lipgloss.

Similar note, MAC had an entire collection of Retro Matte lipsticks (Moxie, Sobe, etc) and they discontinued all of them except Ruby Woo. I wouldn't doubt that's because it's Gwen Stefani's signature red lipstick-and I'm sure it sells rather well.

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