Is there a dupe for the 217?


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I have too many brushes to count. I would not try to pinch a penny by purchasing a dupe for the 217 and have it not do the same quality job. The dupes I have seen for it have less hair, hair fallout, staining, unevenly cut hairs.. etc.

Not worth a few dollars to save -- just get the real thing


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Have to agree i wasted loads of money trying to find a dupe before just buying a couple more to keep me going lol - couldn't find anything that i was as happy with...


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I would go for the sigma can get the travel size one on ACW for around $6 I think and the full size for about $12. I think they work about the same.


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as others have said there probably is no perfect dupe.. but NYX makes a brush called the "B10 Blender Eye" brush and it is a really similar shape to the 217. and i've heard the NYX brushes are pretty good quality.


There are a number of dupes!

Coastal Scents Pro Blending Brush ($4.95)

Sigma E25 ($14 or Amazon)

Sedona Lace Universal Blending Brush EB 09 ($13.95)

Bdellium Tools Maestro Series Blending Brush 776 ($9.68 for studio version @ Amazon $11 for the black Maestro version)

BOOTS No7 Eye Shadow Blend & Contour Brush ($6.99 @ Amazon)

Crown Brush C433 Pro Blending Fluff ($14 @ Amazon or $5.49 @ Crown)


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Along with the above...

* Hakuhodo J5523 (same shape as but a little smaller than the 217 so may work better for those with smaller eyes)
* Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush (part of Starter Collection; synthetic bristles)
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I'll second the Hakuhodo J5523 vote. Softer (no cut tips - the tip of the hair on the brush was the tip of the hair on the goat) and cheaper (19US$) Just be careful what doors you open by accessing the Hakuhodo website!

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