Is there such a thing as...


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... makeup gone bad before its even opened?

I bought Urban Decay primer potion last year in a duty free shop, it was kind of runny in texture and my e/s was creasing after few hours... I was sure all these people that love UDPP are lucky, and don't have oily skin or something like that...
However, today I got my UD deluxe box and little UDPP (travel size) and I used it to try some of the shadows on... MY E/S DIDN'T CREASE AT ALL!! ALL DAY!!! And its texture was on the dry side too...
So, my potion must be old, or maybe even went bad because of the storage or something? I think it was on display under some lights, so maybe thats one of the reasons why it doesn't work properly?
What do you guys think?


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If you still have it, cut it open, swirl it around, and transfer it to a jar. My sample sized UDPP did the same thing, and now its good as new. HTH. xx


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Yes, I have bought makeup that was bad before I even opened it. I assume it was just sitting on the shelves at the store for a long time or it was a bad batch.

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