is this a fair porcelain pink msf swap?

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i got a new porcelain pink msf as a "welcome to america" present but I don't really wear blush because my skin is a bit on the sensitive side and I tend to break out especially on my cheeks. I was planning on swapping it but I wasn't really sure what would be a fair swap for it. can anyone here help me?

I was offered a full sized pigment (regular not pro)
and then I was offered half pigment of one of the LE she shines pigments.


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Personally I wouldn't swap a BNIB Porcelain Pink MSF for 1/2 jar of a She Shines Pigment... just based on the retail value. The value of half a pigment jar approx $9-10 and MSF $23.50. I would possibly swap for a full sized pigment if it was a shade that you really wanted. Swapping is all a matter of what you want and what you are willing to give up to get it. It's really a personal choice. Hope that helps you some.


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I would not think a half jar of any pigment LE or perm is a fair swap. I try to stick as close to retail value as possible, then if I really want the item I might ease up on my end just to get an item I really want. But mainly I try to stick to retail price as much as possible.

For reference I swapped my porc. pink MSF for a full jar of dark soul pigment and a half jar of pink opal pigment and a 1/4 jar of blue brown pigment.

I ended up having swappers remorse though and had to rebuy another porceline pink a few weeks later lol


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Yeah, unless it's a very rare pigment like Copper or Bronze which go for $100 on Ebay or something. But I would say hang on to your PP, you could probably get a fairer swap with it.


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Porcelain Pink should swap for approx value of 25$.
Anything from $20 to $30 could be considered fair to all parties, though.


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I think it would be fair if you were offered a full size LE She Shines Pigment but definitely not half.

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