Is this ebay seller (rogerjyyao) selling authentic brushes?


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Has anyone dealed with this person before? ID in ebay is rogerjyyao.
I see that (s)he is selling quite a number of brushes for a pretty low price!
MAC 182 at $15 BIN!

Please help and thanks in advanced.


I have no idea what a genuine 182 looks like, but if you look at the seller's feedback more closely, there are some red flags:

"not sure of the authenticity, I have a couple from saks and their a little diff." (GIORGIO ARMANI 10Pcs Brush Set,Brand Case)

"dinky ass brushes. not worth $30 bucks but whatever... here's a + anyway" (MAC Blue 3pcs Brush Set~Limit Edition)

"Very good price but not authentic brush..Haven't use yet it but it shred but soft" (MAC #150 LARGE POWDER BRUSH WITH BLACK VELVET CASE)

"thank you Follow-up: Received item but the brush is shedding alot and falling apart!" (GUERLAIN METEORITES Powder Brush)

Other suspect things:

- the guy (comments indicate they're a male) is selling nothing *but* brushes, and I'm guessing he's selling genuine low-end ones like Mary Kay to pad his feedback.

- at least a couple of his auctions feature water-marked images, but they are marked with someone else's username: shadow-20 and that's not listed in his ID history

- he's not addressed the neutrals he's accumulated so far

- someone selling genuine high-end products, especially specialty products like brushes, would be crazy not to have a detailed description. Selling a valuable brush lot with a brief description like the following indicates a poor knowledge of the product except as a lucrative moneyspinner:

"MAC Blue 3pcs Brush Set~Limit Edition - Merchandise Description: 129se+213se+316se

Condition: Brand New Never Used Nor Tested! This is not sample or tester!!

These products are 100% authentic, brushes are not replica. They are all brand new, never tested nor used. Our brushes are not sample nor tester of any sort. Treat your face a little and indulge yourself in these brushes. If you really take care of them, they can be used up to 3-4 years."

- For their $199 NARS brush listing, they offer as a bonus: "2 GIFT - annasu style mirror and comb" I'm not an expert, but the free gifts also look fake!

And finally, if they were genuine MAC/NARS/Shu Uemura etc. brushes, no way could they afford to sell multiple brushes at such a low BIN prices and expect to make a profit! Only if they are cheap fakes can they afford to do this.

In my non-expert opinion, this has fake written all over it because of the other evidence.


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This is a tricky one.

The MAC website shows this brush with the number on the end nearest the bristles.

However, I have found a picture on here provided by magi. It clearly shows the number on the end furthest from the bristles. A post further above by glam8babe shows the same.

Brush pictures

The brush being offered on eBay has much smaller spacing between the MAC and the 182 than the two examples in the thread linked above. That would make me start to question it.

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