Is this quad real or fake?


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I bought this Spiced Chocolate quad off ebay last year and have always wondered if it was real or fake? The textures seem right but I don't know what to look for really, so I thought I could get some expert advice. TIA!





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It's 100% authentic. I looked up this quad on Ebay just now and I had to compare it with the one that you have and it's real. I'm going to purchase one myself on Ebay tomorrow.


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This one is authentic
I had two of them myself, traded one, and of the one I kept i got rid of Brash (the coppery one) and Spiced Chocolate (the matte), I onyl kept Nanogold and Sweet Chestnut. Nanogold has a not so good texture to be honest, but the colour is amazing and well worth the effort. Brash has a gorgeous smooth texture (VP) but I didnt like the colour on me, pity was so very pretty!! Sweet Chestnut doesnt have such a good colour payoff really, but its quite pretty too, and Spiced Chocolate the matte, well... its a matte